The McRae Team has been serving clients nationwide for over two decades. Our team takes a strategic approach to home financing to ensure that the mortgage loan selection aligns with the client’s short term and long term financial goals. 

In today’s world, we believe a mortgage is more than just a mortgage. It’s a financial planning tool that can be used to help your short and long term goals. Our team has a 4-step process to help you get the mortgage you deserve:

  • Step 1: Open a File
  • Step 2: Schedule a Strategic Consultation
  • Step 3: Create a Strategic Plan to Help You Accomplish Your Goals
  • Step 4: Execute the Plan Together

We take great pride in designing various options and solutions for the most relevant and comfortable fit. After all, a mortgage is for most people the largest asset on their balance sheet, and its capacity to create wealth should be treated with equally large importance.

In addition to providing all standard, comprehensive mortgage options (Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA), The McRae Team can also provide unique portfolio loan mortgage optionsthrough common sense decision-makingfor situations that don’t fit the typical mold. Our greatest satisfaction comes from helping as many people as possible achieve their home ownership or refinance goals.

Brian McRae | Senior Vice President Residential Lending | NMLS # 595479