There's no question

This is a challenging market for real estate agents.

Historically low inventory.
Unrealistic expectations.
Fluctuating interest rates.
It’s a perfect storm of uncertainty.

You've written more offers than you ever imagined and some of your buyers are considering leaving the market. 

Worst of all, you feel like they're blaming you and you don’t know what else to do.

The reality of the situation:

This is an unprecedented market with unique challenges, but many homes are still being bought and sold.

Our team has over 8 decades of wisdom and experience and helps hundreds of families each year get the mortgage they deserve...and we'd like to share some insight.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers.

We host quarterly events where we curate priceless info like:

  • What we're seeing from winning contracts
  • Best practices currently being used to keep clients engaged
  • Our own experience of helping agents like you win in this market
  • Mortgage Moments, where we share the most relevant, timely info from the mortgage industry

Come hear some of the SMALL secrets

 Yielding BIG results for our clients and the real estate agents we collaborate with. This Lunch-and-Learn event will get you set up for success.

Among the topics we cover:

  • How to help your buyers win and write fewer offers
  • The top strategies agents and buyers are using to win in this market
  • Several strategies to successfully navigate contingencies in the contract, including the dreaded appraisal gap
  • Up-to-the-minute conversations about things happening in the market RIGHT NOW

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Have our marketing team create a Single Property Website in less than 48 business hours that features YOU and your listing.

Learn about the Elements of Momentum for realtors©

Interested in unpacking the Elements of Momentum with Dawn?

Join us each quarter

As our team shares up-to-the-minute insider tips to help you WIN in this market. With 8+ decades of expertise, we help hundreds of families each year get the mortgage they deserve. We're here to help you and your clients succeed!


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