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Bill L


“For me, Chick-fil-A is the barometer of what true customer service looks like & I can say without hesitation that the entire McRae Mortgage Team is on par with that organization. Great experience!”


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“Rachel and the rest of The McRae Mortgage Team’s creativity enabled us to buy a new house before selling our current one, so we didn’t have to move twice. We love working with them!”

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“I was in a very productive time where my business tripled,” he said. “I got to the point where I had no goals to hit or records to break. I was in a place of isolation and boredom.”

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What people are saying

Henry G.
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The whole team provided exceptional service and I’d be happy to work with all of them again. Thank you Katie, Kimberly, and especially Brad for all of your help and support throughout the home purchasing process!
Kevin S.
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Excellent communication and support from the entire staff. I needed a lot of help understanding the forms to fill out and the process. Katie and Kimberly always took the extra time I needed to get the job done.
Kristi R.
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The whole team was very helpful and great to work with!!
Matthew S.
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Mary Krummenacher was a great leader and the people my wife and I needed were in her team, good, friendly and very helpful. This idea of a team worked very well.
Donald W.
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Best mortgage team my wife and I have worked with yet! The team that we worked with is customer focused, very courteous, accurate, detailed oriented, responsive and schedule driven! Thanks!
Kristen E.
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Good communication on a short timeline.
Michael and Anne-Marie Quinn!
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From start to finish, Brad, Katie and the rest of the McRae team directed and coordinated our mortgage refinancing process exceptionally well. We highly recommend the McRae Team because they are professional, diligent and customer focused. We couldn’t be happier.
Jonathon B.
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Overall, great friendly experience. Was a bit nervous to start the mortgage process but they answered all our questions and felt they were not trying to sell or push on anything. Could not have asked for nicer people to help us with our mortgage.
Shawnee S.
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From beginning to end this was a great place to get a loan. They worked hard to help us get the best loan possible for our situation.
Peter A.
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Thank you for your help and persistence in refinancing our mortgage. Great job staying on top of everything and keeping us in the loop.
Art Snarzyk III.
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Brian McRae’s programs are not an expense – they are an investment that continue to appreciate. He delivers practical, real-world advice, techniques, and motivation to overcome what is in the way of growth. His style is absolutely top-notch, mixing good content and structure with the wisdom to slow down, explore, and unpack any issues that show up while coaching. I highly recommend you seek Brian’s assistance if you are growing personally or professionally.
Dan Luigs
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This program has been a wonderful experience. I have been able to evaluate my business and personal activities and align them to my goals. The small group is a great way to learn from other top performers … working towards a better life.. a great way to be engaged with high quality people and a high quality workshop. You will be a better person and run a better business within the first two sessions! For anyone feeling stuck in neutral or would like to live life in an “abundance” mindset, ACCELERATE is a great program for you. Brian McRae is an excellent facilitator and is deeply invested in everyone’s individual success.
Amy Jenkins
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When I signed up for the Mastermind ACCELERATE Program …it was truly an eye opening experience. I learned some interesting things about myself which I did not know or recognize before joining the program. I also had such a positive experience with the other members in the class. What a great experience!