The Mastermind Project

We can’t believe it’s come to an end.

After 12 years, Mastermind Project – our shared-learning and networking event held live in St. Louis each month – has been sunset. November 16, 2023 was our last event.

In scripture, it says there is a season for everything, and a time to every purpose under heaven.

It’s been a great “season”. And now it’s time to make room for sowing new things.

A bittersweet moment for us all, for sure. The mission we set out with was to connect people and possibilities. And so, so many people and possibilities have been connected! At last count, we’ve had over 24,000 attendees over the years. Mind boggling.

For those who just started tuning in during 2023, and for those of you who have helped make this community great for so many years…

This is not the end. Not by a longshot. The greatest days are yet to come.

OUR greatest days -yours and mine- are yet to come.

We have a lot of great new things in the works, including the Mastermind Project Podcast, courses, coaching, collaborations and more.

All supporting you in becoming rainmakers and building your own version of special.

To stay in touch with what’s happening and keep growing and learning from each other, join my newsletter below. Onward!


The Mastermind Project Podcast

Welcome to the Mastermind Project podcast. Join host, Brian McRae, the founder of Mastermind Project as he guides a meeting that helps empower givers in professional business to become people of influence in their industry and communities as service providers. We strive to assist in developing authentic relationships that provide a sense of fulfillment, which lead to more referrals through personal development. In this podcast you will hear from peers as they share their own personal success stories, how they implemented tactics to further their professional and personal lives and how they overcame challenges. One of our many goals is to provide insight to seasoned professionals who understand the importance of studying things that matter, practicing things that matter and teaching things that matter. We cultivate ideas and practices that help individuals win at business and at home. There is nothing worse than being successful in your business but having a house full of strangers.

“Each One Reach One, Each One Teach One” your words, have become my mantra which has made me a better health coach. Thank you for all your work to make ALL of us better.

– Pam Bredenkamp