Helping Leaders Win at Work and Home

Both in life and in business, a people-first approach is crucial for sustainable, long-term success. That’s why Brian left the corporate business-to-business IT Training world in 2002 to build a word of mouth, referral driven mortgage practice. Since then, Brian and The McRae Mortgage Team have helped thousands of families get the mortgage and financing strategy they deserve.

Brian’s people-first, relationship-driven approach extends beyond the mortgage world as well. While working toward a more compassionate mortgage industry, he discovered the untapped and far-reaching potential of the referral- centered business, a discovery which would inspire his much-acclaimed “Radically Referable” business concept.

If Brian isn’t helping people with a mortgage, he’s likely helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses to new heights. Optimizing referral systems is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow a business, but doing so first requires expertise in buildingsustainable relationships — something Brian has extensive experience in doing. Whether he is creating a personalized mortgage strategy or teaching mastermind groups about referral strategies, Brian’s mission remains the same: he wants to help others win at home and work.

How else Brian and his team can help you reach your goals:





Brian is an award-winning mortgage loan officer who recognized that business persons needed another channel to build their business. In 2011, Brian launched Mastermind Project, a monthly event geared towards professional service providers who depend on referrals for their viability. Incorporating principles from Michael Maher, bestselling author of (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication, Brian has helped countless people make their businesses radically referable and successful.