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Have you ever felt stuck? You have had some success, but feel like you have more to give. You have gifts, but you don’t feel like you are using them their fullest advantage. You have this feeling in your gut that you have bigger things to accomplish.

You aren’t sure what to do with this feeling, you dwell on it for few minutes then you do what most people do. You numb your mind and pull out your phone and check your favorite sports site or scan facebook to see what’s going on in the world and invest countless minutes escaping.

I get it, I have been there.


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Thank you, Brian!! It was the day before Thanksgiving last year that we got that text that Scott and I were fired! A year later and I couldn’t be happier that it happened. I am so grateful that I had you and the group on our side pushing and pulling us. Thank you so much. You make such an impact in so many people’s lives and I thank God that I am one of those people.”

– Lillian Titus

What you get as a member of ACCELERATE

Weekly Meetings

● Weekly Zoom Meeting – 60 minutes
● Weekly Reporting on 12 Week Goals from each member
● Book Discussion – we have a monthly book
● Two Spotlight Sessions – we will focus on two members each week. As a board of advisors, we ask questions and listen

In Between Meetings

● Joyful Accountability Partner
● Weekly Accountability Tool (coming soon)
● Access to Radically Referable Academy ($1200 Value)

My Personal Mastermind

Both in life and in business, a people-first approach is crucial for sustainable, long-term success. That’s why Brian left the corporate business-to-business IT Training world in 2002 to build a word of mouth, referral driven mortgage practice. Since then, Brian and The McRae Mortgage Team have helped thousands of families get the mortgage and financing strategy they deserve.

Brian’s people-first, relationship-driven approach extends beyond the mortgage world as well. While working toward a more compassionate mortgage industry, he discovered the untapped and far-reaching potential of the referral-centered business, a discovery which would inspire his much acclaimed “Radically Referable” business concept.