Radically Referable Workshop

Brian K McRae - Radically Referable Workshop

Brian has been in the mortgage industry for a decade and half. During that time he has built a successful referral driven practice that consistently generates over 400 referrals per year and has been named in the Top 1% of Mortgage Originators in the country.

While Brian’s experience is in the mortgage industry, the referral generating principles in the Radically Referable Workshop will apply to any business looking for more referrals and balance in their schedule.

What will you get from this workshop?

  • Learn the Art of Giving: Most books, courses & seminars talk about receiving more referrals. But in this workshop, you’ll learn how to increase your referral capital by GIVING more referrals–creating a lasting impact on your business.
  • Build Your LOCK: Identify your best assets by building a List Of Connections that Know You. Brian will show you how he used this one strategy to launch his mortgage practice.
  • Portfolio of Quality Questions: Asking good questions can significantly impact your career. You’ll walk away with a list of quality questions to use with clients, business contacts and referral partners, and will also learn the one question that will save you hours of time AND may increase the probability of a referral by 41%.
  • The Connection Offense: Learn how to integrate phone calls, events, and one-on-one meetings to increase your social capital, influence and referability.
  • Learn to Identify Trusted, Influential Professionals: These connections will provide referral leverage for your business.
  • Technology and Time-Blocking Tricks: These tips will increase your referrals and add balance to your schedule.
  • The Power Hour: Learn how Brian increases his pipeline 25% in less than 1 hour per month.

Broken down into a 2 x 4 format (2 sessions of 4 hours each, 8 hours total), the Radically Referable Workshop will save you numerous hours and many hard-earned dollars by shortening the learning curve on using electronic communication, handwritten notes, phone calls, events, and one-on-one meetings to build your referability and make business deals come more effortlessly to you.

Registration is now closed for the only Radically Referable Workshop being offered in 2016. If you would like to be put on the interest list for 2017, please fill out the form here.

100% Money Back Guarantee – If after attending the Radically Referable Workshop, you in anyway are not satisfied with the value provided, simply let Brian know and he will refund your money.