Ambassador Community: Mastermind St. Louis Membership

If you’re interested in being a part of making our monthly event even more dynamic, please click here to sign up for the 2017 Ambassador Program.

The Mastermind Ambassador Program is a newly developed membership program featuring the following perks:

  • Exclusive “Ambassador Time” Early Entry: Doors open at 8:30am for Ambassadors in order to benefit from more intentional networking and connection time with other Ambassadors. Admission for non-Ambassador members begins at 9:30am.
  • Mastermind Ambassador Pass Lanyard: This lanyard, which conveniently houses your business cards, identifies you as an elite event ambassador to all attendees, and serves as your “Access Pass” each month for Ambassador Time from 8:30-9:30am.
  • Prime Seat Selection: “Standing Room Only” situations often occur at Mastermind St. Louis, but Ambassador Early Entry allows you to select and reserve your General Admission Seat each month. (Please note, being an Ambassador doesn’t automatically reserve a seat–your early attendance is crucial in securing your preferred seat.)
  • Monthly Ambassador Group Coaching Call: In exchange for Ambassadors giving extra support to Mastermind St. Louis, Ambassadors get extra support from me! An exclusive Group Coaching Call is held once per month to provide guidance and discussion on topics like referral marketing systems, building radically referable connections, systems creation, and general business coaching, to help you stay focused on building your business.
  • Ambassador Community Private Facebook Page: This is where you can regularly network online with some of the best connectors in St. Louis, and is also where all the monthly coaching calls are archived.
  • ***New for 2017***Foundations Online Courses: With over 60 events under our belt, there’s a ton of content we’re creating to help our Ambassadors take certain concepts to the next level. We’ll be releasing some free “beta” online course content through the remainder of 2017 to help our Ambassadors create an intentional, authentic, referral based business.
    • Foundations – Radically Referable Vision Story
    • Foundations – How to Collect, Prioritize, Engage Your Connections
    • Foundations – Using Client Success Stories
    • Foundations – Take Your One to One Meeting to the Next Level
    • Foundations – How to Use Events to Build Influence, Your Database and Increase Referrals

The Mastermind Ambassador Program is only $24.99 per month (see FAQs below–membership fee is subject to increase for those not grandfathered in).

If you’re interested in being a part of making our monthly event even more dynamic, please click here to sign up for the 2017 Ambassador Program.

Many, many thanks to our early supporters! We’re striving to make the Mastermind St. Louis even more impactful going forward, and our Ambassadors will help Mastermind St. Louis become an increasingly indispensable part of this community.



Why only $24.99/month?

Yes, I’ve been told it should be higher.  Please know that once you’ve agreed to be a member, your monthly fee will NEVER increase. However, going forward we will be increasing the membership fee in $5.00 increments for every 25 members added.

Will the event remain FREE?

Absolutely. No one is required to be a paying member to attend the monthly event.

Do I have to show up each month?

While we would love to have all of our Ambassadors at the event each month, attendance is not required.

Can I bring a guest during Ambassador Time?

As an Ambassador, we encourage you to share this event with others. However, logistically we must limit Ambassador Time (8:30a9m early entrance) to members only. Your guest is welcome to enter at the usual 9:30am admission time with other non-Ambassador Pass holders.

Do I need my Mastermind Ambassador Pass Lanyard to enter early?

Yes, your Mastermind Ambassador Pass Lanyard will be your “Pass” to enter. It will also identify you as a person of influence at the event in case others have questions.

If I’m a sponsor, do I also have to sign up for the Mastermind Ambassador Program?

As a sponsor, the Mastermind Ambassador Program (Membership) is included with your sponsorship.