All sponsors of Mastermind St. Louis once started out as attendees. We’re not interested in simply taking money from faceless organizations like so many other events do. We’re only interested in sponsors who are committed to helping build a community of generous, like-minded, radically referable connectors. Here’s what a select few of our sponsors have to say about why they sponsor Mastermind St. Louis, and how it’s changed both their businesses and their personal lives:



I’ve been attending Mastermind STL for almost 5 years. My business and personal life are run on the principles of helping others get what they want, and I have been rewarded in all areas of my life because of it. I jump at every opportunity to be more involved. So many people have blessed me personally and professionally through connections made at Mastermind, Radically Referrable, and the Ambassador program.

47% of new business comes from connections made at Mastermind events. We have hired two new internal employees and added Dan Meyers onto my sales team because of the growth that has come from our Premier Sponsorship.

I was so honored when Brian McRae asked me to be a sponsor. Thank you Brian for giving me the first option to be the Insurance Sponsor for Mastermind STL.

Dan Luigs
Insurance Broker
Insurance Store, Inc



We chose to become a premier sponsor of the event because we saw a tremendous amount of value and opportunity with a partnership. We invite many people each month and use the event as the one event each month to meet, great, and introduce our network to others. The event has brought both tangible and intangible value to our business. We’ve found it to be a great way to give back and contribute to the community as a whole. The additional exposure and recognition is also a great value to our business. We look forward to making a bigger impact on the Mastermind community this year and beyond!

Nick Najjar, My Company Gifts



The benefits of sponsoring the Mastermind St. Louis events have been numerous.

1. Exposure: In our very competitive market with over 100 title companies to choose from in St. Louis County, having our name in front of hundreds of people each month created name recognition, exposure and notoriety of our company and our new West County Location

2. Implementation leading to results: By listening to business building ideas presented by Brian McRae, panelists and guest speakers, I learned several natural action steps with a proven track record that I could implement and so I did! Examples include: managing my time more effectively, creating meaningful “stack days”, building referral partners, personal notes, gratitude journaling and attending Brian’s workshops.

3. A solid referral network: The numbers tell the story. In 2015, 80% of our business in our new West County location could be tracked directly back to connections I made at or through the Mastermind St. Louis event. In 2016 to date, 93% of our business is again the result of connections made at the monthly event. My database of contacts has exploded from 90 contacts to over three hundred. One hundred twenty of those contacts have used, referred or said they would refer us to family or colleagues.

4. Personal growth: Public speaking: Each time I am asked to speak I get more and more comfortable. Now I don’t feel I need a script for each word and I am more comfortable speaking to a group. Book club: Brian encouraged me to put a passion project together and grow the book club I had created. Now, instead of reading a book a year, we are reading and meeting and discussing a book a month. Boundaries on my time: I am much more aware of having systems in place that protect our family time or my personal time from my professional time.

Meredith Buckley, Hillsboro Title



Interested in learning more about how to make Mastermind St. Louis an integral part of your outreach efforts to the St. Louis business community? Fill out this questionnaire and we’ll set up a (no-obligation) call to discuss. Hope to hear from you soon!

Cheers, Brian