About Brian K. McRae

About Brian K McRaeBrian is an award-winning mortgage loan officer who became frustrated with the way people did business. A life-long voracious reader, Brian began devouring every business and industry-specific book he could find. One that resonated most authentically? Michael Maher’s #1 International Bestseller,  (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication. In fact, it was Michael who encouraged Brian to start an event. So, using key concepts from Michael’s book, other transformational resources, and Brian’s unique best practices, he launched Mastermind St. Louis in 2011—a monthly event for professional service providers dependent upon referrals. The event consisted of content presentation and exploration, and a panel discussion, all focused on how to create a radically referable business. After only a few months, the event was consistently standing room only. In addition, attendees frequently asked Brian how they could take the concepts explored at these events and more fully understand and integrate them into their businesses. For the attendees that wanted more, Brian created the Radically Referable and Accelerate Workshops and eventually added individual, team, and company coaching offerings.

Brian helps clients answer many pressing questions including, but not limited to, the following:

  • What is limiting my referrals and how can I combat these limitations?
  • How do I create a pipeline of referral sources without being pushy?
  • How can I become a person of influence within my market space?
  • How can I build upon my strengths to yield results?
  • How can I develop a radically referable mindset?